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Selecting A Cold Chain Partner: Points to Consider

September 27, 2022, Author: admin

Logistics management is a crucial aspect that demands superior coordination and great attention to details. This is especially crucial for companies that require strict Temperature Control for their products to ensure not only on time delivery, but with no temperature excursions. This is why choosing the Specialty Courier to partner with requires careful consideration.   […]


GCCS announces the opening of its new Hong Kong office

August 29, 2022, Author: admin

Global Cold Chain Solutions (GCCS) is proud to announce our expansion with the opening of our new office in Hong Kong.   Since our establishment in 2018, GCCS has been providing time-critical and temperature-controlled logistics services for the Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industries. Headquartered in Singapore, our expertise and industry know-how have propelled us […]


Active VS Passive Cold Chain Packaging: Which Do You Need?

August 16, 2022, Author: admin

A wide range of industries today rely on temperature-controlled logistics for their various operations, including pharmaceutical, life sciences and healthcare sectors, just to name a few. All businesses in these fields require expert logistics solutions and share the common goal of ensuring their transported products retain an optimal quality during transport.   To that end, […]


The Key Role Of Customer Service In Cold Chain Logistics

August 4, 2022, Author: admin

More often than not, clients generally overlook customer service among cold chain logistics providers and instead focus solely on their capabilities and services on offer. However, in today’s competitive landscape, the role of customer service, especially in logistics, should be more valued, given that it is one of the many key considerations in managing cold […]


GCCS Embraces Sustainability With Their Go Green Efforts

July 29, 2022, Author: admin

Introduction to Sustainable Logistics Environmental challenges from deforestation to pollution have been becoming worse and spreading quicker from nation to country, region to the world. These issues have been a major contributor to climate change and global warming.   The concept of sustainable supply chain logistics aims to reduce environmental damage and manage air, water, […]


A Look Into The Unbroken Temperature Controlled Supply Chain

July 15, 2022, Author: admin

Many items in our daily lives are actually much more temperature-sensitive than we could have imagined. From food to pharmaceuticals, these products are often essential to how we go about our days. As such, the value of end-to-end temperature control, also known as an unbroken cold chain, cannot be taken for granted. But what is […]


Global Cold Chain Solutions’ Move: How Did We Do it?

July 7, 2022, Author: admin

Since our inception in 2018, Global Cold Chain Solutions (GCCS) has remained at the forefront of Specialty Courier  services for temperature and time-sensitive goods. We have consistently been able to provide reliable and efficient services through even the most troubling times.   With the recent boom in the Life Sciences, Healthcare and Biopharmaceutical industries, it […]


The Undeniable Effect Covid-19 Had On Cold Chain Trends

June 29, 2022, Author: admin

When some of the busiest cities in the world saw bare freezers as they went about their shopping, it came about as nothing short of a shock to most people. This was the first sign of the Covid-19 global pandemic that was sweeping the world. While the outbreak is winding down in most countries and […]


The Role of Audits And Assessments in Cold Chain Management

June 23, 2022, Author: admin

Temperature control management is a precise and complex process. As such, it is important for every step to be handled with care and diligence. There are many factors to consider for a seamless shipping journey – auditing and lane risk assessments being just two of them. They are brought into the process at different points […]


Big Data: How Does It Benefit Cold Chain Logistics?

June 16, 2022, Author: admin

Big data is a term that has undeniably become a major part of the everyday online vocabulary over the past few years. It refers to huge, complex sets of data that can be used to detect patterns, trends and other associations.   Big data analytics has a wide range of implications in business. It has […]