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GCCS Embraces Sustainability With Their Go Green Efforts

July 29, 2022, Author: admin

Introduction to Sustainable Logistics

Environmental challenges from deforestation to pollution have been becoming worse and spreading quicker from nation to country, region to the world. These issues have been a major contributor to climate change and global warming.


The concept of sustainable supply chain logistics aims to reduce environmental damage and manage air, water, and waste pollution by implementing green practices in commercial activities.


But what is sustainable logistics?

Essentially, the idea of incorporating environmentally-sound practices into everyday operations is known as sustainable logistics. This can involve sourcing raw materials to transporting products across the globe. In fact, it is no longer about corporate social responsibility, but sustainability. Being sustainable to all business processes.


Unquestionably, the primary goal of sustainable logistics is to improve environmental sustainability. Green supply chains not only lower production costs and environmental pollution but can also give businesses a competitive edge by increasing customer satisfaction and earning more trust from their customers, thus increasing the brand’s visibility and reputation.


Global Cold Chain Solution’s (GCCS) Go Green Efforts

With an aim to be societally and environmentally sustainable, GCCS strives to build a resilient future with our own go green efforts.


We had made several changes with regard to embracing sustainability in the cold chain logistics sector. We pride ourselves in adopting environmentally-friendly habits whenever we can – such as making a conscious effort to switch off the lights and air conditioning in our pantry and meeting room when not in use, as well as adopting a paperless approach in our office.


We have also installed fans in our pantry, which use significantly less electricity and energy as compared to air conditioners. In fact, studies have found that the use of fans result in a 76% reduction in energy use and emission of greenhouse gases!


As for our warehouse, we have converted to LED lighting, which is proven to have a positive, sustainable impact on our environment. In comparison to conventional lighting sources like fluorescent and incandescent lights, LED lights are up to 80% more efficient.  The reduced energy consumption of LED lights decreases greenhouse gas emissions and lowers the demand for electricity from power plants. Plus, given the better quality of light, fewer lights are needed in our warehouse.


In order to be sustainable, a major area of concern is packaging. GCCS has reusable packaging solutions available – wherein these packaging solutions are meant to be used for multiple shipment journeys. Once a particular shipment leg is completed, reusable packaging is recovered and used for subsequent shipments. Given the number of shipments we handle daily, this option is much more environmentally friendly as compared to single-use packaging. Reusable packaging decreases the amount energy needed to produce new raw materials, which will reduce the emission of greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. Not only does this option save cost, but it also reduces our carbon footprint and delivers on our promise to be more eco-friendly.


We had also recently added an electric vehicle (EV) to our fleet. The transportation sector has a chance to transition away from fossil fuels thanks to electric vehicles (EVs). Increased energy efficiency and a decrease in local pollutants are two of the main advantages of EVs. Here at GCCS, we hope that by electrifying our fleet, we are able to reduce our carbon footprint and advocate for clean operations across the temperature-controlled logistics industry.



At Global Cold Chain Solutions, not only are we are dedicated to ensuring that your shipment is treated with protection and care, we also pride ourselves in actively doing our part for the environment as an sustainable cold chain company.


Contact us for any queries or to find out more how to get started with us.