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A Look Into The Unbroken Temperature Controlled Supply Chain

July 15, 2022, Author: admin

Many items in our daily lives are actually much more temperature-sensitive than we could have imagined. From food to pharmaceuticals, these products are often essential to how we go about our days. As such, the value of end-to-end temperature control, also known as an unbroken cold chain, cannot be taken for granted.

But what is that? And how important is it to preserve the quality and integrity of the products? This article details that and more.


The unbroken temperature-controlled supply chain 

An unbroken cold chain is essential to retaining the quality and integrity of items that are temperature-sensitive. This involves the uninterrupted process of producing, storing and transporting these goods and products while maintaining their quality through the required temperature. To maintain this state, it is imperative for the products to be moved expertly and with care in a temperature-controlled system of vehicles (including temperature controlled packaging), terminals and cold storage facilities.

Below are aspects of this process which should be emphasised:


1. Selection of correct temperature-controlled packaging for transportation

It is imperative that temperature-controlled products are packaged properly to prevent their quality from being compromised. Correct packaging not only protects against contamination but also ensures integrity and efficacy of the goods and products being shipped.

Some of the factors to take into consideration when selecting appropriate temperature controlled packaging:

  • Overall shipment routing and transit time duration
  • Airline and destination ground handling storage capability
  • Destination customs clearance
  • Product size and dimension

You can trust the GCCS team to recommend the most suitable packaging to ensure the quality and integrity of the product during transportation.


2. Trained personnel and processes

Training (and re-training) on temperature control has to be comprehensive. They should cover aspects pertaining to storage, packaging, handling, maintaining the required temperature and also procedures to follow when there is a break in the product cold chain.

Sufficient training allows people to confidently handle complex situations along the way, deal with any unforeseen complications and ensure smooth end-to-end temperature-controlled management.


3. Efficient process management

Efficient process management is handled by the aforementioned qualified and highly-trained personnel. It begins with proficient planning and is essential to ensuring the integrity of the product is not compromised. Temperature sensitive  products have much less leeway in terms of damage or spoilage than non-temperature control items. The slightest break in the process may compromise the product integrity.

Shipment of pharmaceuticals must be maintained at a steady temperature, usually with little tolerance for temperature excursions. Anything beyond that can compromise the entire shipment, costing shippers or manufacturers significant damages.

More common now is the use of tracking devices for transportation. With advances in technologies, real-time and temperature tracking is becoming popular. Depending on certain pre-set parameters, these tracking devices will be able to send alerts once certain thresholds are breached, allowing reaction time to all involved  stakeholders. This greatly reduces the possibility of damage and helps maintain the integrity of the product. Efficient process management ensures smooth shipment and transportation from origin to destination.



An unbroken temperature-controlled supply chain needs to be meticulously handled and can be extremely comprehensive. It requires  dedicated process planning  and correct temperature-controlled packaging. At Global Cold Chain Solutions, this is especially true. Our exemplary Cold Chain logistics services ensure that there will be no compromise when it comes to the quality of the goods transported. Contact our team today to find out more.