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Selecting A Cold Chain Partner: Points to Consider

September 27, 2022, Author: admin

Logistics management is a crucial aspect that demands superior coordination and great attention to details. This is especially crucial for companies that require strict Temperature Control for their products to ensure not only on time delivery, but with no temperature excursions. This is why choosing the Specialty Courier to partner with requires careful consideration.


Understanding Cold Chain Logistics

Temperature-controlled logistics services or otherwise commonly called Cold Chain, requires the transportation and management of temperature-sensitive products, including pharmaceuticals, biological samples, food and beverages, and more. It is paramount that these temperature sensitive products are transported with upmost care from pick up to delivery to ensure their quality and integrity.


Choosing a Temperature Controlled Logistics Partner

The following points may be considered when choosing a partner:


1. Technology, Knowledge and Expertise

Operational knowledge and expertise are important factors in Temperature Controlled logistics, and this involves many things, from ensuring and monitoring the temperature of products in their journey to tracking their progress and status in real-time. This also includes the recommendation of appropriate packaging solutions such as active or passive packaging, depending on the product / shipment requirement. Enquire from the vendor about the technologies in their transport vehicles, warehouse facilities, and offices to better understand their processes, how they transport to ensure their integrity and efficacy. Technologies and capabilities differ from carrier to carrier, so be familiar with what a provider uses and see if they best meet what your products require.


2. Specialisation

Cold chain providers often specialise in certain industries and the materials they typically transport, whether it be F&B, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Life sciences, or more. Partnering with a provider with experience in transporting goods in your industry means you can rest assured that they have the necessary expertise, qualifications, and compliance to safely deliver your product from point A to B and address any potential challenges along the journey.


3. Services

Apart from specialisation, services can also vary from one provider to another, with some only offering a select number of professional services while others have an expanded portfolio, like transporting Dangerous Goods and hazardous materials, live animal shipments, and customize transportation solutions. Therefore, be sure to carefully assess each provider and see if their services can meet your needs at present and down the line. Partnering with a one-stop-shop cold chain company and engaging in a long-term relationship with them is arguably better and more efficient than switching providers every so often.


4. Customer Service

Proper and timely communication is essential in delivering time and temperature-critical shipments. Besides being upfront, honest, and fully transparent with shipment status updates, good customer service also entails delivering on commitments, proactively offering advice and solutions based on best practices, and promptly responding to questions and concerns.

A Customer Service team aims to ensure peace of mind for their clients and an overall satisfactory experience.



Finding the Specialty Courier you can trust and build a long-term relationship with is a must when storing and transporting temperature-controlled goods. Doing due research and gaining a better understanding of cold chain logistics is essential when choosing who to partner with.


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