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The Role of Audits And Assessments in Cold Chain Management

June 23, 2022, Author: admin

Temperature control management is a precise and complex process. As such, it is important for every step to be handled with care and diligence. There are many factors to consider for a seamless shipping journey – auditing and lane risk assessments being just two of them. They are brought into the process at different points to accomplish different objectives. This article explains both these aspects.


Lane risk assessments

This process exists as a way to proactively determine possible factors that can potentially impede a successful shipment and to check and measure the efficiency of cold chain solutions. There are several key touch points for consideration. Here are some of them:


  • Packaging
  • Shipper payload
  • Flight and transport routing
  • Destination handling and storage capabilities


As the whole shipment route is mapped and assessed, potential risk points and challenges are identified and uncovered. Ideally, we want to rigorously test them in order to determine the best solutions and work towards a seamless shipment process.



While a lane assessment is conducted to find areas of risk that need to be considered, an audit is done to find out whether the temperature controlled process is working as it was intended to function. Auditing allows the relevant parties  to watch out for any noncompliance of processes and monitor controls. In comparison, the assessment is more geared towards whether the processes utilised are effective. Audits determine whether the established procedure is being followed.


The audit is designed to check for adherence to policies put into place by the management. Random tests and checks are made to gather evidence and/or findings in that area. As is true for the assessment, if the audit findings do not match the relevant mentioned SOPs or steps of the process, they will have to be looked into further.



As cold chain or temperature control management can be a varied, long and delicate process, detailed planning remains an important aspect. Assessments and audits remain important to the continued success for Temperature Controlled Logistics and processes. The assessment helps to determine the efficiency of the process, while auditing helps with checking how effective the process actually is.


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