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Big Data: How Does It Benefit Cold Chain Logistics?

June 16, 2022, Author: admin

Big data is a term that has undeniably become a major part of the everyday online vocabulary over the past few years. It refers to huge, complex sets of data that can be used to detect patterns, trends and other associations.


Big data analytics has a wide range of implications in business. It has become an invaluable tool for most companies for their business analysis purposes. Temperature controlled logistics is inherently complicated, time-sensitive and can be challenging. There are a lot of different elements working together in tandem to accommodate the breakneck speed at which the process moves forward and to ensure it goes without any issues. The smallest of oversights  may compromise the quality and integrity of the product. Big data analytics offers many ways to help with these analysis.


Enhances decision-making process

Decision making becomes easier when factoring in big data analytics. It utilises data driven and quantitative methods to aid in decision-making at every step of the process. The scope of information is much wider than what we get out of a traditional dataset. This opens new doors to insights that can aid in making smarter, more strategic choices.


Improves on pre-existing routes

There is always room for improvement when it comes to optimising routes. You want to be on time to save as much as you can doing it. Allotting too many or too little resources to a particular shipment are both not ideal. If you do too much, you risk wasting unnecessary resources, but if you do too little, you run risk of overlooking certain key factors.


There are no one-size-fits-all approaches to the delegation of resources. Multiple variables can affect its necessities, for example; shifting fuel prices, flight availability and routings, vehicle issues, and adverse weather.


Employing the use of big data analytics may enable organisations to better foresee potential challenges. Real-time tracking and visibility, weather forecasts, fleet maintenance and staff schedules, can all be incorporated into a system that can spot trends and patterns, offering computed data that offers optimal and better insight that can be used to adjust routes accordingly.


Increases transparency

Sensors are becoming increasingly common in transportation and shipping processes. There is more transparency and visibility than ever before.


This proves invaluable to all parties involved. If there are obstacles or delays in the shipment, carriers will be informed and can make adjustments accordingly to prevent conflict and miscommunications. Companies can also use this data as evidence when showing timeliness of their respective shipping history. This helps in contract negotiation and even the acquiring of new clients.


With increased transparency comes reduced friction. Because there is less information that is omitted from proceedings, trust is able to grow, improving overall business and customer relations dramatically.



Big data has become an invaluable part of cold chain solutions. Temperature-sensitive products are being transported with more ease and accuracy than ever before. Being able to make more strategic decisions, adjust shipping routes accordingly, and communicating with more transparency is now all possible due to the technology we have at hand.


At Global Cold Chain Solutions, we remain dedicated at ensuring quality and integrity of the product is maintained. Contact us for any queries or to find out more how to get started with us.