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The Key Role Of Customer Service In Cold Chain Logistics

August 4, 2022, Author: admin

More often than not, clients generally overlook customer service among cold chain logistics providers and instead focus solely on their capabilities and services on offer. However, in today’s competitive landscape, the role of customer service, especially in logistics, should be more valued, given that it is one of the many key considerations in managing cold chain logistics and when working with a transportation partner.

With that said, what makes customer service so critical? It is because it is the foundation of a long-term and mutually beneficial partnership, which is the key to long-term supply chain success. This principle of providing excellent customer service to create strong partnerships applies to all facets of the world of business. In the logistics sector, a firm’s quality of customer service serves as a predictive measure of how they can improve your performance while resolving any issues they may encounter during transport.

Exceptional customer service is the key to proactive logistics solutions and is a fundamental requirement to excel in the modern transportation landscape. Properly implementing a customer service culture can mean the difference between success and failure in deliveries. Below, we go over what customer service means in logistics, why it matters, and what to look for in a cold chain logistics partner.


Understanding Customer Service in Cold Chain

Tangibly defining customer service in logistics, be it in cold chain or others, can prove challenging. Regardless, expect customer-minded providers to treat their clients and other supply chain parties as if they were extensions of their business. This approach to logistics partnership enables efficient communication and fulfilling your goal of completing deliveries.

Some of the factors of great customer service among cold chain providers include:

  • Full transparency and timely status updates
  • Regular communication
  • Prompt response to questions and requests
  • Upfront and honest
  • Delivers on commitments
  • Provides solutions and advice regarding best practices
  • View your transportation goals as theirs
  • Develop proactive solutions in case of problems

At Global Cold Chain Solutions, our dedicated customer service team has these qualities and more. Each account is handled by one of our many expert customer service representatives knowledgeable in various aspects of cold chain logistics. Moreover, they can customise solutions according to your requests and needs.

Their other competencies also include the following:

  • Offer advice on pre-shipment documentation, packaging solutions and optimal flying routes to maintain the integrity of the products during shipping.
  • Handling projects and setting up shipment studies which involve multiple sites to sites domestically and internationally,
  • Handling live animal shipments and knowing the requirements to import/export live animals from Singapore to different countries.
  • Equipped with knowledge in handling Dangerous Goods and is capable of preparing Dangerous Goods Declaration (DGD).


The Value of Customer Service

Apart from improving one’s experience with the logistics provider, partnering with those who value customer service is essential for performance. Good customer service enables on-time deliveries, happy customers, peace of mind, and more time to focus on other parts of your business.

In addition to fulfilling shipments, customer service also plays an essential role when problems arise. When transporting time and temperature-sensitive material, perfection is generally required for a successful delivery. However, the reality is that any number of issues like vehicle problems, weather delays, , and many other unforeseen circumstances can crop up at any time.

When faced with these obstacles, good customer service is the best way to resolve them swiftly and efficiently. Logistics providers with good CS will immediately notify you of issues regarding the shipment and proactively provide potential solutions that can mitigate the risk of late delivery.



Customer service in logistics should not be understated or overlooked, especially when it comes to cold chain. It plays a key role in managing supply chain relationships and gives your business the best chance of ensuring successful and consistent deliveries.

At Global Cold Chain Solutions, we take pride in our customer service team, who spare no effort in their work in fronting and communicating with our clients throughout the entire process.

Marcus Loh, Senior Customer Service Manager

As quoted by Marcus Loh, Senior Customer Service Manager,

“We want our clients to experience Exceptional Customer Service and a Peace of Mind when shipping with us.”

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