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GCCS announces the opening of its new Hong Kong office

August 29, 2022, Author: admin

Global Cold Chain Solutions (GCCS) is proud to announce our expansion with the opening of our new office in Hong Kong.


Since our establishment in 2018, GCCS has been providing time-critical and temperature-controlled logistics services for the Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industries. Headquartered in Singapore, our expertise and industry know-how have propelled us to be an industry leader in specialty couriers.


GCCS is constantly exploring new ways to grow, improve and stay relevant; ensuring that we can cater to the growing demand of the industries we are serving. Henceforth, the opening of our new Hong Kong office is an essential move to meet such rising demands, following the move to a new warehouse in Singapore.


The expansion has been in the works for a while – the sourcing for an ideal location and hiring of new staff for the Hong Kong office started a few months back. We purposefully searched for a location that is not only close to Tai Po Industrial Estate and the Hong Kong Science Park but also a location that can accommodate our requirements.


The new office space in Hong Kong will be equipped with suitable fridges, freezers, and ample space for proper temperature-controlled packaging preparation. We will be able to cater to the shipment needs for the various temperature ranges, including cryogenics at -180 degC, deep frozen in dry ice, refrigerated at +2 to +8 degC and controlled ambient at +15 to +25 degC.


GCCS’s new office in Hong Kong reflects our ambition to continuously expand and improve our presence and help support our customers globally on their time-critical and temperature-sensitive shipments. Customers can rest assured that the local team in Hong Kong will continue to uphold GCCS’s integrity and premium standards when handling shipments. We seek to remain at the forefront of specialty courier services for Biopharmaceutical and Life Sciences industry.


For more information on the work we do, do not hesitate to contact us today!