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An In-Depth Explanation of Temperature Controlled Logistics

May 25, 2022, Author: admin

It is difficult to emphasise just how challenging temperature controlled logistics is. It governs the maintained integrity of everyday products. The safety of these essential perishable items cannot be taken for granted. The process of keeping these goods from damage is a complex and arduous one. But what exactly does it entail? Allow us to take you through an in-depth look into the process itself.

Definition of temperature controlled logistics 

Temperature controlled logistics refers to the undertaking of transporting products that are sensitive to heat. These products may include pharmaceuticals and/or foods that are commonly referred to as “perishables”. Some would call this requirement the “unbroken cold chain”.

However, temperature-controlled logistics (Cold chain logistics services) do not end with transportation. It is a whole suite of comprehensive and intricate processes that begins with procurement and then goes into storage, transportation and distribution. Every step is paramount in ensuring product safety. A failure at any of these stages could result in a temperature excursion and may compromise the integrity of the products.

Keeping temperature consistent is the core tenet of temperature controlled logistics. Its ensured success stems from a few key factors. Those factors include the usage of reliable packaging, proactive monitoring of properly planned mapped out transportation routes and transparency in communication between all involved stack holders.

The importance of temperature controlled logistics

The importance of cold chain management is undeniable but often underestimated. Fresh produce of high quality is usually the bare minimum of what the everyday consumer has come to expect. While some foods are more forgiving, other produce spoils at even the slightest variations in temperature. Failure to keep those kinds of foods regulated can result in varying foodborne diseases such as E.coli or worse.

When it comes to the transportation of pharmaceuticals and biological samples, the challenges faced in temperature controlled logistics are inevitable. An increasing number of medications have been utilising large molecule biologics, which requires very vigorous temperature control to function as it was intended to. According to the HDA (The Healthcare Distribution Management Association), over one-tenth of pharmaceuticals are temperature sensitive. Many of these medications are life-saving. Making sure that these drugs retain their overall quality and integrity is undeniably of the utmost importance.

Common challenges of temperature controlled logistics 

Challenges in cold chain logistics are inevitable and can have many real-life consequences. The more common ones include:

  • Lack of proper training for staff involved in the whole supply chain process
  • Incorrect storage
  • Inappropriate packaging solution during transport and distribution
  • Mis-handling of goods
  • Poor monitoring of the status of cargo (distinct lack of proactiveness)

It is thus crucial for all parties to work together to identify these critical milestones.


Temperature controlled logistics remains an integral part of maintaining the product quality of life-saving and life-sustaining goods. At Global Cold Chain Solutions, we do not take this responsibility lightly. By engaging us, we want you to leave the complexity of Temperature Control Logistics to us. Contact us today to learn more.