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Temperature Controlled Courier Service

Whether it is transporting temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals or biological samples, temperature controlled logistics remain a crucial and essential component of supply chain management. At Global Cold Chain Solutions, we provide temperature controlled logistics services for the biopharmaceutical sectors seeking a reliable courier. We aim to provide a seamless temperature controlled courier service experience for our clients, ensuring quality services at competitive rates.

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Packaging Systems

When it comes to temperature controlled transportation, the appropriate packaging solution to keep the shipment at the right temperature remains a vital aspect of the supply chain process. This may be either through an active or passive system. Active shipping containers typically consist of using an energy power source and thermostat control to either actively heat or cool the system to maintain the correct product temperatures. Passive shipping containers, on the other hand, are insulated and uses refrigerants like Phase Change Materials (PCMs) or gel packs to keep the internal contents of the package within the specific required temperature range.


Dry Shippers 

Another form of packaging solution is dry shippers, primarily used for deep frozen temperature ranges. Also known as cryoshippers, they are used as the choice of packaging for cryogenic shipments. These dry shippers are essentially a highly constructed cylindrical metal container sealed in a hard outer shell. It is filled with nitrogen vapour and can maintain internal temperatures between -150 degrees Celsius and -180 degrees Celsius for lengthy durations. 

The choice of packaging used is determined by a number of factors. To learn more, contact us today to speak with our experienced team. Leave the complexity of temperature controlled logistics to us. 

Shipment Capabilities

As we are globally connected and have a strong relationship with most airlines, we do have more control, efficiency and ability to offer competitive rates on our temperature controlled courier service. Additionally, you can benefit from our worldwide regulatory and customs experience to avoid costly clearance delays that could affect your shipment.

Here are additional benefits you receive when you engage us at Global Cold Chain Solutions for our trusted temperature controlled courier services:

  • Door to door Temperature controlled logistics
  • Regulatory compliance. 
  • Proactively monitor shipments to ensure timely delivery.
  • Active and passive system.
  • Supply of Packaging Solutions, Refrigerants supply (example: Dry ice) and replenishment.

Contact Us

Find out how Global Cold Chain Solutions can assist you regarding your temperature controlled logistics and temperature controlled transportation needs. Please feel free to reach out to us today to learn more.

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