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Pharma Logistics

The heightening push to ensure only the highest standards for the pharmaceutical (pharma) and biotech industries has caused temperature controlled logistics to play an increasingly important role in ensuring the integrity of pharma products shipped to consumers’ hands – especially when it comes to the critical delivery of healthcare products and equipment. Thus, solutions are needed to ensure that time and temperature sensitive inventories for clinical logistics varying from medical consumables to test kits reach their destination safely, and in excellent order as these temperature sensitive products are being transported from shippers to consignees, manufacturers to shelves.

Global Cold Chain Solutions recognises this growing need for pharma logistics solutions; hence, we make it our mission that our clients experience reliability and confidence when they ship with us. For more information regarding our pharma logistics, contact us today to speak with our team.


Processes to Note

When it comes to the shipment of pharma and clinical logistics such as test kits, investigational drugs or API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) it is imperative to take into consideration certain factors that could affect your shipment. Thus, engaging a dependable temperature controlled pharmaceutical logistics provider is essential for seamless execution – from start to finish. Here are some points to note:

  • Temperature and time sensitive

To maintain viability, it is imperative that shipment of clinical logistics have to be delivered at the correct temperature range. Therefore, transporting these healthcare items requires reliability and dependability to make certain that they are promptly delivered.

  • Applicable permits and License

Licensing or approval for certain pharma products is obligatory when it comes to either export or import. Not only will proper permits and licenses aid in compliance purposes, but it will also help to ensure seamless customs clearance – resulting in timely delivery.

Shipment Capabilities

As we are internationally connected and have an excellent relationship with airlines, we are able to transport pharma products with more control and efficiency at competitive rates. Additionally, you can benefit from our worldwide regulatory and customs experience to avoid customs clearance delays that could affect shipment integrity.

Here are additional benefits you receive when you engage us at Global Cold Chain Solutions for our trusted pharma logistics solutions:

  • Door to door Temperature controlled logistics
  • Regulatory compliance. 
  • Proactively monitor shipments to ensure timely delivery.
  • Active and passive system.
  • Supply of Packaging solutions, Refrigerants (example: Dry ice) and replenishment.

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